Sunday, December 13, 2009

How Does It Feel to Be Official?

So yesterday was a really good day/night. Last night we went to J's boss's Christmas Party and it was really fun. All his coworkers crack me up and the food was awesome. Plus they had Midori which made my tongue very happy :) We played the white elephant gift exchange and since J and I bought nice gifts for it, we wanted nice gifts in return! We didn't get our first choice but we did end up with a hickory farms gift set and a board game. Not too shabby compared to what some other people got. (Can we say bald guyz shaving cream and a razor made to look like a car?)

But I do have to say, my flat feet are punishing me for wearing those heels yesterday. Darn my flat feet!

Plus what topped everything off was that J and I got our marriage license in the mail. It's really official now and it feels sooooo good. Now I'm wanting to change my name everywhere! As soon as I go to the social security office anyway. That's going to be awesome.

What about you? How did you feel when you got your marriage license in the mail?

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Kayde.Stoneman.edpsych said...

in all honesty, I felt the exact same way. We have only been married four months, but that name change is exciting...I'm still working on a couple of 'em. The confusing thing is when you have about half switched you start to forget which name to sign.